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        New Product --- J-OMS All-functional Mobile Scale
        Origin:    Author:Cissie    Posted:1/17/2018

        Here is the introduction website of J-OMS:  http://tempuri.org/tempuri.html

        With the continuous development of technology and business, the major requirements of weighing equipment are also increasing.Today, huge advances in technology and micro-processing sensor technology, will also be well positioned to meet this need.

        Using weighing indicators in various fields have been quite common, but all kinds of indicators  used on the market still have some limitations, such as

        1. Too many interfaces result in weak anti-electromagnetic and easy crash;

        2. Mobile indicator is out of the question;

        3. Multiple  weighing platforms can not operate simultaneously on one screen, you need more than one ;

        4. Manual entry  of ERP is easy to fraud, error-prone, thus affect the centralized management and information sharing.

        Therefore, the development of a smart electronic indicator of good stability, high reliability, high efficiency, and high degree is imminent.

        J-OMS, is the Omni Mobile Scale for Enterprise for short, uses mobile phone, tablet and other existing equipment as the integration center.Read, and control plant weighing terminals. Tablet and mobile phone use sophisticated hardware advantages to provide customers with more high-quality weighing experience, make the operation more intelligent, and handy.

        J-OMS has the powerful capabilities below:

        1.It enables you to convert your smartphone(only Android) or tablet (only Android) into a scale by downloading an APP instantly.

        2.Networking design, wireless connection to printer,display,alert light,etc. Intercommunication and data sharing.

        3.One smartphone/tablet connects to four different scales. Switch between weighing and counting by just one operation, time & cost saving, quick & convenient.

        4.Check historical weighing data at any time, and it can be exported, deleted, printed and searched.

        5.Excellent label design function: free designing, printing and sharing.

        6.Amazing database integration function, compatible with ERP, auto/semi-auto/manual version of formula system.

        7.Database remote monitoring, keep track of data dynamics.

        8.Weighing, counting, pricing, animal scale, multi-function, integration, easy operation, general wide applications